Our Offer


Our Offer

We have specialized in sourcing and supplying of spare parts for rail vehicles. Starting with a small screw or nut up to transmissions or motor compressors, we supply a variety of spare parts for local rail transport. Here is a small selection of the most important product ranges.


Display Devices

Soft key displays, touch displays, data recorders, sensors, position indicators, digital, analog, tachometers, TCN modules, MVB modules, Asics, etc.

Brakes – Brake Pads / Brake Discs

Brake discs made of cast iron or spheroidal graphite, organic brake pads for vehicles with pneumatic or hydraulic brake discs, also valves, brake cylinders, etc.



Single-tube and twin-tube dampers, vertical and horizontal, yaw dampers, special dampers, etc.

Suspension Systems

Pneumatic bellows, primary and secondary suspensions, diaphragms, axle springs, conical springs, layer springs, bushings, motor bearings, etc.


Transmissions & Couplings

Coupling stars, bevel gear sets, bushings, axle stubs, hollow shafts, cardan shafts, semi-couplings, elastic and electrical, etc.

Productos de Métalo Caucho en generalim Allgemeinen

Silentblocks, side stops, hyperblocks, rubber stops, rubber rings, rubber pads, bushings, etc.


Auxiliary Power Converters

On-board power converters, traction containers, transformers and diagnostic tools, etc.


Ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, axle bearings, needle bearings, ball bearings, etc.


Catenary Material

All types of cables, contact wire, copper and aluminum alloys, rigid conductors, brackets, silicone insulators, wheel tensioners, clamps, fastenings, tension testers, etc.

Signaling Technology

Point machines, interlocking components, traffic lights, LED signals, axle counters, wheel sensors, FTGS boxes, ATP and ATO systems, etc.

Among other things also brake resistors, compressors, wheels and tires, electrical coupling contacts, axles, controls, switches, speedometers, contactors, fans, carbon brushes for drive motors and circuit boards for pantographs, compression springs, voltage converters, throttles, filters, dust protection bellows, screws, nuts, rings, profiling machines, tools, measuring devices, etc.

… and much more! We will be happy to provide you with further articles on request.